Tips to look for work on Twitter

Twitter can be a valuable tool for job seekers. Although the "LinkedIn" remains the preferred option, but it can use Twitter not only to discover more about the potential operators and companies targeted, but also to continue at least informally with those who are already active in this area.

There is what you can do to show a professional look and begin to gather followers with high quality and relevant field of specialization owners, to become known, perhaps you can secure the work for you.
Here are 10 tips you might find useful in "a job-hunting trip":
1. Open your thinking in professional center.
When co-user for the first time in Twitter, is the easiest way to create a positive impression to devote some time to include your profile as much as possible of the information:
Use your real name, but you may lose some credibility.

Within the profile links to your resume and any profiles other professional and social, including certificates and the names of the positions occupied by the previously or currently occupied, addition to T_khassatk in the sector in which it operates. No one takes seriously the portrait "egg" (ie not include profile true picture of your face), was considered a "spammer" or your account is false. Therefore, carrying a picture of a professional nature, and preferably be the same image of the other accounts like Allenkdan. It is enough to be the background module or designed in particular, but if you belong to the creative industry and willing to take advantage of the background in the presentation of some qualifications.

2. Mark yourself slogan personally and professionally both After account creation, Consider the "CV of a single line" able to attract the attention of hiring experts. If you want that Aki_vk one of these, use words and sentences tagged with the relevant area of ​​your business.
Not only did this, you can use Twitter as an extension of your resume, and through careful professional and laconic, the more Tagariedk were directed to a targeted audience, the greater the possibility of Astqtabk to the attention of people who may have links with the value for you.
If you are looking for a job in the information technology industry (walleye T - IT), did not "sing" banner news or interesting articles, or express an opinion on this or that topic? Valtgrad what addressed at breakfast does not mean anyone, but to express an opinion wise insightful about the results of the last fiscal quarter, it is interesting.

3. Continued companies and individuals with related Bmhntek.
It is axiomatic that follow your career and your industry colleagues as a means of communicating with them will make you familiar with any news or changes, but also show the appearance of the attention on the one hand, and give you a better picture of the companies listed on the list of goals.

4. Contributed.
The best way to attract attention on Twitter is to be active and relevant to the concerns of a targeted audience. If you develop your reputation as an expert in the field of work fields, you are offering to prospective employees a reason to notice your presence.
Therefore, you have to contribute to the conversations and discussions, and follow the latest trends and show your point of view on others who are members of the industry.

5. Continue without an agenda.
Whether communicating with a public relations representative or executive director or a prominent figure in your industry target, dealing daily with sycophants and Almtoslin. If you contact one of them directly and you clearly intends to seek employment, it is unlikely to receive a positive response. Be Mtsadega and showed interest, but do not push yourself forward. Just being in touch with people social networking will save you opportunities, let your identification strategy of sequencing and respond to Level up to him and contributed to the discussions and dialogues.

6. Continued events and meetings.
Not a requirement to remain networking to line tests within the line tests only, it is possible to meet personally who you communicate with them on the network, provides job search step forward.

7. Subscribe to the mailing list.
May be mailing lists that may exist on your profile page helpful in increasing the number of followers on Twitter and find the most relevant users in the field of business. In the same way, in the event was Tagariedk with useful content and insightful, it will sooner or later hold you to specialized mailing lists by other users.

8. Use Twitter Search engine to search for jobs.
Twitter is replete with declarations of work and job listings and employment classified according to the work areas. And as a tool to find a new job, provides Twitter You Join hardship in large numbers of sites and recruitment agencies, and the time required to search for suitable work within a large number of ads.

9. Take advantage of the sign (#) to the maximum extent.
Sign is used (#) for a link between the content related to a particular topic and your content. Through the use of Twitter search engine you can see certain updates associated with a specific question. Among the topics that more I use it the subject of educational technology, which is referred to mark # edtech.

10. There is a tremendous amount of free services and software that organize and arrange Twitter accounts and mailing lists of you, and the most popular TweetDeck and Hootsuite. By using such software, you can time programming for the Level up and find answers Automatic classification listing and trends that you want to follow in the form of boxes.
The TweetBeep tool is a valuable tool to look for work, because it allows you to select receive updates every hour on the job search or trends in Twitter. You can also determine the learning arrival updates answers or updates # sign or Level up include certain name or links to the content you've published.
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