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Tips to look for work on Twitter

Twitter can be a valuable tool for job seekers. Although the "LinkedIn" remains the preferred option, but it can use Twitter not only to discover more about the potential operators and companies targeted, but also to continue at least informally with those who are already active in this area.

There is what you can do to show a professional look and begin to gather followers with high quality and relevant field of specialization owners, to become known, perhaps you can secure the work for you.
Here are 10 tips you might find useful in "a job-hunting trip":
1. Open your thinking in professional center.
When co-user for the first time in Twitter, is the easiest way to create a positive impression to devote some time to include your profile as much as possible of the information:
Use your real name, but you may lose some credibility.

Within the profile links to your resume and any profiles other professional and social, including certificates and the names of the positions occupied by the previously or currently occupied, addition to T_khassatk in the sector in which it operates. No one takes seriously the portrait "egg" (ie not include profile true picture of your face), was considered a "spammer" or your account is false. Therefore, carrying a picture of a professional nature, and preferably be the same image of the other accounts like Allenkdan. It is enough to be the background module or designed in particular, but if you belong to the creative industry and willing to take advantage of the background in the presentation of some qualifications.

2. Mark yourself slogan personally and professionally both After account creation, Consider the "CV of a single line" able to attract the attention of hiring experts. If you want that Aki_vk one of these, use words and sentences tagged with the relevant area of ​​your business.
Not only did this, you can use Twitter as an extension of your resume, and through careful professional and laconic, the more Tagariedk were directed to a targeted audience, the greater the possibility of Astqtabk to the attention of people who may have links with the value for you.
If you are looking for a job in the information technology industry (walleye T - IT), did not "sing" banner news or interesting articles, or express an opinion on this or that topic? Valtgrad what addressed at breakfast does not mean anyone, but to express an opinion wise insightful about the results of the last fiscal quarter, it is interesting.

3. Continued companies and individuals with related Bmhntek.
It is axiomatic that follow your career and your industry colleagues as a means of communicating with them will make you familiar with any news or changes, but also show the appearance of the attention on the one hand, and give you a better picture of the companies listed on the list of goals.

4. Contributed.
The best way to attract attention on Twitter is to be active and relevant to the concerns of a targeted audience. If you develop your reputation as an expert in the field of work fields, you are offering to prospective employees a reason to notice your presence.
Therefore, you have to contribute to the conversations and discussions, and follow the latest trends and show your point of view on others who are members of the industry.

5. Continue without an agenda.
Whether communicating with a public relations representative or executive director or a prominent figure in your industry target, dealing daily with sycophants and Almtoslin. If you contact one of them directly and you clearly intends to seek employment, it is unlikely to receive a positive response. Be Mtsadega and showed interest, but do not push yourself forward. Just being in touch with people social networking will save you opportunities, let your identification strategy of sequencing and respond to Level up to him and contributed to the discussions and dialogues.

6. Continued events and meetings.
Not a requirement to remain networking to line tests within the line tests only, it is possible to meet personally who you communicate with them on the network, provides job search step forward.

7. Subscribe to the mailing list.
May be mailing lists that may exist on your profile page helpful in increasing the number of followers on Twitter and find the most relevant users in the field of business. In the same way, in the event was Tagariedk with useful content and insightful, it will sooner or later hold you to specialized mailing lists by other users.

8. Use Twitter Search engine to search for jobs.
Twitter is replete with declarations of work and job listings and employment classified according to the work areas. And as a tool to find a new job, provides Twitter You Join hardship in large numbers of sites and recruitment agencies, and the time required to search for suitable work within a large number of ads.

9. Take advantage of the sign (#) to the maximum extent.
Sign is used (#) for a link between the content related to a particular topic and your content. Through the use of Twitter search engine you can see certain updates associated with a specific question. Among the topics that more I use it the subject of educational technology, which is referred to mark # edtech.

10. There is a tremendous amount of free services and software that organize and arrange Twitter accounts and mailing lists of you, and the most popular TweetDeck and Hootsuite. By using such software, you can time programming for the Level up and find answers Automatic classification listing and trends that you want to follow in the form of boxes.
The TweetBeep tool is a valuable tool to look for work, because it allows you to select receive updates every hour on the job search or trends in Twitter. You can also determine the learning arrival updates answers or updates # sign or Level up include certain name or links to the content you've published.
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Executive Assistant recruits Anglophone

Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research "MAScIR" recruits Executive Assistant English. Its mission will be to ensure the traditional tasks of executive assistant.

In that sense, it shall:

- Ensure filing and archiving;
- Organize meetings and prepare reports;
- Filter telephone calls;
- Managing Director of the agenda.

It must have a Bac + 4 Management experience with evidence of at least 5 years in a similar position, professional, dynamic and conscientious.

This position requires excellent presentation and good diction.

If you have the above criteria please send your CV with photo to the Human Resources Department: a.fathi@mascir.com

The World Bank Supports Jobs in Morocco

Jobs in Morocco

A new World Bank project will help increase Jobs in Morocco by matching vocational skills and higher schooling programs with the needs of the Jobs market. A second project will strengthen the justice domain to deliver efficient and transparent services to citizens and businesses.

The $100 million First Skills and Employment Development Policyowner Loan (DPL) and the $15.8 million Justice domain Reform Investment loan were approved today by the World Bank as Board of Directors.

An Unemployment is of the most big challenges Morocco is facing, said Simon Grey, World Bank Director for the Morocco Department. The World Bank , through financial and technical support, will help the Moroccan authorities accomplish tangible results on the ground. Rising to the jobs in Morocco and justice challenges is key to making sure social and economic prosperity.

The First Skills and Employment DPL aims to help the government of Morocco implement its program of increasing skills, productivity and quality of jobs in Morocco. The shortage of jobs, including quality jobs has limited the extent to which sustained economic growth of the past decade can be widely shared and translated in to Fight poverty . It also aims to improve the effectiveness of intermediation services, including active job market programs, job quality as well as a strengthened jobs market information technique.

"This project will help higher schooling and vocational training students acquire the skills needed by the jobs market, said Nadine Poupart, Senior Economist at the World Bank .It aims to promote efficient jobs programs for unemployed men and females and to transfer a significant number of those working in low paying casual sector jobs in to formal work settings."

The Justice domain Reform project will be piloted in 12 courts and will introduce international best practices in court management. This will entail a participatory technique involving judges, administrative staff, judicial auxiliaries and users in the selected pilot courts. The project will assist in strengthening institutional capacity in the Ministry of Justice and Liberties and will better support and monitor the court technique.

According to the World Bank , the projects are in line with the objectives of the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) that articulates the cooperation framework and strategic orientation of the World Bank as support to  Jobs in Morocco for the 2010-2013. The formation of a new government in 2011 and the push to speed up reforms have led to a review of the CPS objectives as well as a progress document was introduced to the World Bank 's board of directors today.

Drafted in consultation with the government of Morocco, the CPS progress document assesses the implementation of the Bank program and proposes areas of increased focus including growth, employment and competitiveness, governance, inclusion and voice, and subsidy reform.

The World Bank , through the updated strategies, will be able to sharpen its assistance to Morocco in promoting greater inclusion, improved service delivery and strengthened competitiveness, all aimed at the overarching objective of improving jobs in Morocco

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US Embassy in Morocco Jobs

US Embassy in Morocco Jobs

Jobs In Morocco For English Speakers An applicant for a position in the United States Mission to Morocco must either be a Moroccan citizen or have the necessary work and/or residency permit allowing him/her to work in Morocco. Candidates selected for interview will be asked to provide documentation proving their legal right to work in Morocco. note that in case you are selected for a position within the Mission, you will be necessary to go through an Embassy Security Inquiry & a Medical Clearance prior to your appointment.

- To see the Vacancy Announcement, click on the Position Title hyperlink in the table below. Read the Announcement carefully before applying.

- The Application for Employment as a Locally Employed Staff or Relatives Member, DS-174 is mandatory. Without this, applications won't be thought about. Answer every query. Full instructions for the DS-174 form can be found here.

- send your application only in case you are applying for a specific position & meet the qualifications for that position. Our Mission does not maintain a database for applications. Therefore you must submit an application for every open position. Send application per Vacancy Announcement. Send DS-174 & Curriculum Vitae/Resumé only. Other documents will be needed only if & when you are selected for interview. Do not send copies of Attestations, Identity cards, Passports, Birth Certificates or Naturalization Certificates.

- Applications must be received by the closing date & must be sent either:

a. By post, send to:
US Embassy in Morocco Human Resources Vacancy
two, Avenue Mohamed Al Fassi
Rabat, Maroc
b. By e-mail (preferred), send to:

US Embassy Rabat Jobs

Subject line ought to say: Vacancy Announcement ____(number), Position (for example, Vacancy Announcement 12-03, Driver). They won't retrieve/download your application from an outside site. It must be sent as an Attachment.
c. By fax:
From Morocco - 0537 66 08 75
From outside Morocco - 212 537 66 08 75

 Engineer Mechanical  ==> Click Here (PDF)
Engineer Electrical ==> Click Here (PDF)
Warehouseman ==> Click Here (PDF)


Located in the Moroccan pavilion EPCOT park at Walt Disney World in Florida, USA on Restaurant Marrakesh recruits for the positions mentioned above.
walt disney world jobs

Being salary = $ 6.70 and $ 685 for
Time: 25 to 35 hours per week
provided housing for rent $ 100 a week,
Work visa provided by the employer,
12 month contract not be renewed.
Transportation and medical insurance
First 4 months for the contract at the expense of the applicant (Plan about 6000 Dirhams for the airfare and 1500 Dirhams for Medical Insurance).

Oualifications Required
Between 18 and 26 Years
Fluent in English (English is a criterion
critical selection)
Have excellent presentation,
Being a graduate in Hotels
Restoration and / or OR Tourism of Commerce / Language / Business
Have experience in upscale restaurants or sale of luxury goods
Be Available for 12 Months (Departures between February and September 2013)

If you have the qualifications and that you are interested, thank you for sending your CV in English at dpi@anapec.org (indicate in subject DIS1512 REF)

Entries are open until April 30, 2012

Do You Speak English? Want a Job?

If you can speak English, and another language, you could be sitting on a fortune! There are hundreds of companies right now searching for people that can speak two languages. It doesn't matter what language you speak, as long as you speak English, and at least one other language, there are plenty of jobs for you available.

Huge companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks, Disney and others hire translators all the time! Once you sign up, we'll show you exactly how to get started in 5 minutes or less... even if you don't have any previous experience, you could still start making money right away!

You'll be able to find part-time, contract and even full-time positions. Many of these jobs you will be able to do from home, or anywhere you have an internet connection at.

You can get paid by paypal, check or bank deposit, usually as soon as the job is completed!

Hope To See You Aboard!

UAE Embassy in Rabat Recruit

UAE Embassy in Rabat Recruiting athletes and coaches Physiotherapist.

  Embassy announces the United Arab Emirates / Office of Military Attaché in Rabat wished vacated the following functions:

1 * gym coach:


      Qualifications: Bachelor of Science or an appropriate post-secondary diploma (preferably in the field of Physical Education),
      The age of 20 to 40 years old,
      Work experience of not less than four years.

2 * Swimming coach:


      Qualifications: Bachelor of Science or an appropriate post-secondary diploma (preferably in the field of Physical Education),
      The age of 24 to 35 years old,
      Work experience of not less than four years,
      Preferably players clubs and sports teams.

3 * coach for fitness:


      Qualifications: Bachelor appropriate scientific discipline or diploma after high school (preferably in the field of Physical Education),
      Age not more than 35 years,
      Work experience of not less than four years.

4 * Physiotherapist:

Terms and Features:

      Leave in the specialty of physical therapy,
      Experience in the area of ​​specialization is not less than five years,
      Monthly Salary: 8000 AED.

Features and General Conditions:


      Monthly Salary: 7000 AED (job: Trainer Lounge - pool - fitness),
      Accommodation in the workplace,
      Comprehensive health insurance.

General conditions:

All applicants are subject to the following tests:

      Written test,
      Scientific field tests (except for physiotherapists)
      Personal interview.

Required Documents:

      A copy of the passport to be valid,
      Copy of university degree with a certificate of experience, if any,
      Two passport photos color measurement (6 * 4),
      About school life and career of the candidate (CV).

Applications filed by the concerned to the military attaché of the Embassy of UAE or by mail at the following address: 2 bis Rue Ibn Arabi Sayeh Souissi Rabat envelope bearing the full name, address and phone number.

Moroccan Foundation for Education Recruit

Moroccan Foundation for Education Employment EFE-Morocco in partnership with The National Federation of Milling seeks to recruit and train 24 youth for a career in technical sales in the area of agribusiness.


* Good knowledge of French.
* Male or female age (e) under 28 years
* Available uncommitted and (e) with another company.
* Bac +2 or more scientific or technical training.
* Be actively seeking employment.
* Mobility and availability.

The final candidates will undergo six months of skills training in sales methods and techniques of the milling industry by alternating courses of formal employment status.

send your application (CV updated with photo) directly to the e-mail: hmohcine@efefoundation.org quoting reference FNM-TC in the subject line of your e-mail.

Embassy of Sweden Seeking Assistant Visa

Embassy of Sweden

Seeking Assistant (e) Visa

      Fluency - spoken and written - of Arabic, French and English.
       Good command of computer skills (Word, Excel, Internet ...)
       Flexibility, ability, initiative and work under stress.
       Team spirit
       Good knowledge of drafting administrative correspondence.
       Previous experience in processing visa applications would be an asset.
       Knowledge of a Scandinavian language would be desirable.

The work includes the preparation of cases and among other tasks such as registration applications, inspection of the documents provided, interview for a residence permit, communication of decisions to applicants, stickers management, management of telephone calls and e-mail , Filing etc..

The contract is of limited duration, with possibility of extension.

Send CV with recent photo and cover letter no later than February 23, 2011 by e-mail: ambassaden.rabat@foreign.ministry.se

BMCI Recrutes

To sustain its performance and growth rhthme, BMCI recruits throughout the kingdom, as part of the expansion of its Réseu Agencies and Corporate Development activities

Chargé (e) Customers with Cash, CDI, Morocco

Quality Coordinator of the Cluster, CDI, Morocco

Branch Director, CDI, Morocco

Patrimonial Engineer, CDI, Morocco

Assistant Corporate Counsel, CDI, Morocco

Quality Project Manager, CDI, Morocco

Corporate Relationship Manager, CDI, Morocco


If any of the descriptions fits your professional profile, please send your application (CV, cover letter, salary expectations and photo), indicating the position you are applying to the following address: recrutement.bmci@bnpparibas.com

Recruitment Consultant Business

TOR Recruitment Adviser Business AMAPPE under the Programme of socio-economic integration of urban refugees in Morocco


The partnership PISERUMA 2011 involves commercial activities in its entirety by 40% of program activities which can be summarized as follows:

- 1 / reseller of refuge trades: 5 studies to be undertaken;
- 2 / Diagnostics business records already funded in 2009and 2010: 50 cases;
- 3 / training in marketing and servicing of commercial training module;
- 4 / Monthly monitoring and diagnosis of two women's cooperatives of refuge;
- 5 / Exploration Internship refuge who received vocational training.

To accomplish these tasks, a business consultant more commercially oriented recruitment is planned for 2011. The adviser will be supervised by the sales manager to work these dangerous actions.

The terms of reference of the new recruits are:

General profile of corporate counsel AMAPPE

Hold a university degree in economics license management business, or (and) local development (required)

- Knowledge of the voluntary sector desirable;
- Ability to work in teams;
- Excellent writing skills in Arabic and French;
- Have the practice of software for word processing and spreadsheets;
- Excellent listening and communication.

Profile specific program PISERUMA

- Knowledge of the status of refugees in Morocco desirable;
- Good ability in terms of Marketing and SWOT analysis;
- Excellent ability to adapt to different cultures;
- Good ability to train and educate beneficiaries;
- Good prospecting field.

General Information

Deadline CV: February 15, 2011 at 16:30 Location: AMAPPE / Rabat, with several trips to Rabat and uncommon on the Moroccan territory; Compensation: Depending AMAPPE salary grid; Contract type: Fixed term for three months with the possibility of CDI after evaluation;

Contact: Association AMAPPE,: 7, rue Erfoud, Apt. 02, Quartier Hassan Rabat-10010. Tel. : 0537 707 502, Fax: 0537 707 504, E-mail: amappe@mtds.com and coordamappe@mtds.com
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Recruitment of a Assistant Social

Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity
Recruitment of a  assistant Social
Unit Child Protection Casablanca

Under the Capacity Building Unit of the Child Protection Casablanca, undertaken by the Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity (MDSF), the Association for Support to Protection Unit Childhood in Casablanca, is launching a call for applications for the recruitment of a (e) assistant (e) Social (e).

Professional qualifications:

   Winners of the INAS or a professional license or similar training in the social field:

 Have knowledge of child rights;

 Have experience in working with children in difficult circumstances;

 Have good skills in report writing (Arabic and French);

Knowledge in use of computer tools.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Under the supervision of the coordinator of the PSU assistant (e) social mission is to:

 Welcome, listen, conduct interviews, provide guidance for children and families;

Report all forms of violence against children;
Accompany the child victim during the circuit support;

      Monitoring and evaluation;

      Coordinate access for children and their families, support services consulting and treatment.

Personal qualifications:

The candidate  must be willing  to work in an environment that requires a sense of ethics, confidentiality, availability and mobility.

Contract Period:
Recruitment for the position will be based on a full time one year, renewable for the duration of the project.
The candidate concerned  must apply to MDSF, Directorate for the Family of Children and the Elderly, located at 31 Avenue Al Abtal, Agdal, Rabat.

Or at the following email address: defpa@social.gov.ma
Applications must be submitted before Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Recruiting a Project Manager

The Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity launched in partnership with CTB - Belgian Development Agency, a call for nominations for the "Recruitment of a (e) project manager 'for the Multifunctional Space Women of Ouarzazate in the project Moroccan-Belgian MOR0206 EMF.

To this end, the Department will receive until February 4, 2011 at 18:00 Applications include:
 - A C.V. updated;
 - A letter of motivation;

The applications should be sent to the Directorate of Women Affairs, Family and Childhood, No. 32, Avenue Fal Ould Oumeir angle and Jebel Al Ayachi, Agdal Rabat, in a sealed envelope indicating the title of Call for applications "Recruitment of a (e) Project Manager for Space Multipurpose Women Ouarzazate" or sent to the e-mail: division_fem@yahoo.fr

Lebanese International University Recruits

Lebanese International University LIU, recruits for his Institute in Casablanca (MINSA)

1 - permanent part-time teachers with high potential in all specialties of the following areas:

            Banking and Finance;
            Transport and logistics;
            Human Resources Management;
            Marketing and Communication;
            Computer Science;
            Industrial Engineering;
            Electrical engineering;
            Graphic Design;
            Interior Design.

2 - A technician specializing in the fields of informatics training Bac + 2 / 4 with:

             - professional experience at least 2 years;
            - Good knowledge of computers (computer architecture, servers, networks, software, hardware, software).

Working conditions for motivating and beneficial join a higher education structures with high growth potential by sending your CV to the following address:

3, Rue Jebel Tidghine Hay Salam, CIL Casablanca 20210, Morocco

            Tel: 0522940964
            Fax: 0522940963

US Embassy Rabat Jobs

  Jobs Title:
Cashier Casablanca
Visa Clerk 2 positions
Bilateral Affairs Manager

By mail to: Human Resources Office
Attention: Vacancy Announcement (please specify the title and number of announcement)
Address: 2 Avenue Mohamed El Fassi (ex-Marrakech), Rabat
By e-mail: RecruitmentRabat@state.gov
Closing Date:
February 07,08, 2011

SAMIR 100 Qualified Technicians

:Less than 30 years, holds a Diploma of Higher Technician (OTC, DTS, BTS ...), é issued by the Higher Schools of Technology, specializing in Process Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical, Instrumentation and Industrial Automation .... ;
   - Good command of computer skills;
    - Very good physical fitness;
    -  Listening skills and human relations.

Successful candidates will receive specific training for careers in the Refining, provided by the African Academy of Energy in Morocco, as well as significant benefits.

Thank you to send your application (detailed CV, copies of diplomas, cover letter and salary expectations) to the Société Anonyme Marocaine de Refining Industry (SAMIR)

e-mail: f.fattoumy@samir.ma

Final deadline for submission of applications: 15 February 2011.

Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment (EFE-Morocco)

Experienced Trainer Teaching Assistant (Ref: EO1)

Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment (EFE-Morocco) is a non-governmental member of the international Education For Employment Foundation (EFE), which creates partnerships between the public and private sectors to launch programs employment for young Moroccans.

EFE Morocco seeks trainers (Bac +4 or more) who have completed a teaching experience or training in public or private (Experience Required) in the field of behavioral techniques (communication, attitudes, skills) and must reside in following cities: El Jadida, Safi, Sidi Bennour and Azmmour.

Please send your updated CV and contact information at the following address:


Important: Indicate in the subject line of your email the Reference Position - Experienced Teacher Teaching Assistant (Ref: EO1)

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